Mercury is one of the elements which attract the attention of the chemist and physicians of ancient India and China. The first emperor of China, Qín Shǐ Huáng Dì allegedly buried in a tomb. Model of that tomb contained rivers of flowing mercury.Two third of world’s mercury produced by China in 2005. The ancient Greeks use mercury sulphide in the ointment. In November 2014, large amount of mercury was discovered in a chamber below 60 feet of the 1800-year-old pyramid which is called the temple of 'Tempered Serpet'.

For purifying mercury,generally it goes through the 18 stages. But Swastik Research Centre is working on only 12 stages.

  1. Swedan
  2. Mardan
  3. Murchhan
  4. Uttyapan
  5. Patan, Trividh
  6. Rodhan
  7. Niyaman
  8. Sadipan
  9. Gaganbhakshan
  10. Sancharan
  11. Garbhdruti
  12. Brahmadruti


  • The mercury is used medically and spiritually.
  • Navaratnaansh is mixes with mercury and in such a way the gutika is formed.
  • By putting mercury gutika in bucket filled with water for five minutes and taking bath of that water will help us in getting rid of skin disease.
  • By putting mercury gutika in milk for five to ten seconds and by drinking that milk will helps you keep healthy and energized.
  • Also it is used in Dental treatment.

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